For many years, various metals played a key role in restoring damaged teeth. The strength and durability of metals couldn’t be matched by other materials. Research advancements have created outstanding alternatives to metals in dentistry. Today, restorative components that mimic natural tooth structure and reflect natural beauty are readily available.

At City Smiles, Dr. Chris Hill and his team are committed to restoring teeth with metal-free options whenever possible. We believe that eliminating the use of amalgam is healthier for you and us. Although amalgam holds a long track-record in dentistry, it contains a mix of metals including mercury. The majority of research supports the safety of this restorative material, but questions remain about the role amalgam should fill in modern dentistry.

Life-like resins and durable porcelains provide excellent alternatives to amalgam or other metal restorative materials. They look more realistic while replicating the tooth structure they’re replacing. This means less stress and cracking of the remaining tooth, and teeth that look perfectly natural.

Our commitment to your well-being includes the materials we use and the way we use them. At City Smiles, we leave your mouth prettier, stronger, and healthier! Please call (314) 375-5353 in Downtown St. Louis, (314) 678-7876 in Clayton or email us to schedule a consultation today.

patient 1 before fillings

patient 1 after fillings

patient 2 before fillings

patient 2 after fillings