Also known as Implant-Supported Dentures, Implant-Retained Dentures or Implant Dentures

Denture wearers are familiar with the problems traditional dentures pose regarding fit, speech, and awkwardness when they slip. They also allow the jaw bone to recede and cause that “denture-wearer” appearance where the face appears shrunk or sunken and the nose and chin become closer together.

Traditional dentures simply rest on your gums, but dental implant-supported or implant-retained dentures are secured by dental implants and offer a more firm, snug fit. Dental implant supported dentures help to stimulate bone and gum tissue, ensuring an attractive, esthetic result while helping to maintain natural facial structure and proper muscle support.  This life-changing treatment allows denture wearers to relax and live life.  Implant denture wearers have confidence they can eat the foods they love and can smile, laugh and talk with comfort and without concern of embarrassing slippage.

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Implant-Secured and Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant dentures can be made in many ways. Implant-secured dentures are similar to traditional dentures because they rest on the gums. But they are different because dental implants secure them in the mouth. Biting force is improved to some extent, and it’s significantly better than with traditional dentures. In addition, these dentures won’t come out of your mouth unless you want them to. They stay in place.

Implant-supported dentures aren’t just held in place by dental implants, they’re supported by them. The force of biting and chewing goes from the denture to the implant to the jawbone. This allows these dentures to restore almost all the biting and chewing force you had with your natural teeth.

Fixed and Removable Implant Dentures

Fixed implant dentures are the most natural substitute for your original teeth. Fixed implant dentures are NOT removable (except by your dentist) and remain secured in your mouth all day, every day –  just like your natural teeth. They look, chew and feel like real teeth. You can eat foods you love and feel free to enjoy life again!

A removable implant denture is a denture that is secured to dental implants and restores your ability to eat, speak and chew normally once again. Similar to traditional dentures, these implant dentures can be removed, but offer much more support when in the mouth.  Implant dentures generally eliminate the need for adhesive.

How Many Implants?

People often ask about the number of dental implants required for implant dentures. It depends on the level of function you want from your dentures. For simple implant-secured dentures, you may only need two dental implants, maybe even just mini implants.

If you want implant-supported dentures, you will have to have at least four, and possibly six or more. We will be able to give a more definitive answer after we examine your mouth and bite.

The City Smiles Advantage

Patients receive complete, fast, and convenient treatment all in one location.  After teeth implants are placed by our implant dentist, Dr. Jorge Amorin, they are then restored by Dr Christopher Hill, a restorative dentist with advanced education and training in treatment planning, restoring, and replacing missing teeth. City Smiles has established a patient-focused, all-in-one approach to the dental implants and implant-supported dentures. City Smiles provides the highest level of individualized patient care during every step of your treatment.

Our team combines convenience, technology, and experience to deliver life-changing, restored smiles.  With our extensive knowledge in cosmetic and implant dentistry, you can regain your old smile or obtain a new, improved one you had only dreamed of before.

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