For some dental procedures, oral surgery is required. Oral surgery may seem daunting, but we work hard to ensure that the experience is as comfortable while achieving the highest level of care possible. Our advanced technology includes both diagnostic technology to ensure optimal planning and treatment technology to ensure the best speed and comfort from treatments. We also have an oral implant and dental surgery dentist at our office to provide the best care available. Some oral surgery procedures we offer include dental implant placement, All-on-4 implant denture placement, bone grafts, and tooth extractions.

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Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are a very popular procedure because they are can look and function like natural teeth. They are basically like getting another chance at your natural teeth, and with proper care they can even last a lifetime like your natural teeth.

With a dental implant and a cosmetic dentist, we can perform the entire dental implant procedure in our office, from the initial diagnosis, to planning using CBCT technology, to the surgery, to the final topping of the implant with an attractive dental crown.


All-on-4 implant dentures allow you to replace an entire arch of teeth with an advanced implant denture placed on just four implants. This innovative procedure can be cheaper, more comfortable, and faster than traditional implant approaches to full arch replacement. Typically, All-on-4 procedures mean that you can get your teeth replaced without needing a bone graft.

Our implant dentist is trained in the use of All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures to deliver high-quality results to all our dental implant patients.

Bone Graft

Dental implants depend on your bone to support them. If you don’t have enough bone to support dental implants, sometimes a bone graft may be necessary to develop adequate bone.

Bone graft materials may be artificial, purified bone from natural sources, or may even be your own bone taken from other places. Bone graft procedures can sometimes be done during a dental implant procedure, but sometimes they require a separate procedure.

Tooth Extractions

It’s usually best to preserve your natural tooth, but in some situations it may be better to remove the tooth.

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted because they are unnecessary and can cause complications. Tooth decay, gum disease, cysts, and other problems can endanger neighboring teeth and your overall health. But extracting wisdom teeth can head off these complications so that you remain healthy.

Other reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted include infections, gum disease, and trauma. In these cases, extraction can head off other health problems and prepare you for tooth replacement with dental implants.

Looking for Oral Surgery in St. Louis?

Are you looking for oral surgery in St. Louis? If so, then you should consider the benefits offered by our technology and the advanced training of our dentist as well as the inherent talent of our dentists. This can help you enjoy a more comfortable, convenient procedure as well as getting great results.

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