Our In-House Implant Dentist

Dr. Jorge AmorinDr. Jorge Amorin is an oral implant dentist. After earning his doctorate in dental medicine, Dr. Amorin enrolled in a two-year, post graduate, program to focus on oral implantology, dental surgery and prosthetics.

For a decade Dr. Amorin has partnered with elite general dentists, like Dr. Hill, to provide high level dental implant placement and surgical knowledge. Dr. Amorin and Dr. Hill have a long-standing partnership founded in passion for clinical excellence and respect for delivering conservative care in an environment that is comfortable for our patients.

Dr. Amorin’s services at City Smiles include cooperative care for:

  • Full mouth dental implant placement, including Teeth in a Day
  • Single dental implant placement
  • Placement of implants for fixed dentures, including All-on-4, and All-on-6
  • Bone grafting and care
When Dr. Amorin is not providing surgical care at City Smiles, he can be found lecturing to doctors of dental medicine who are completing postdoctoral course work.

Dr. Amorin is dedicated to giving back. Each year he dedicates a week to serving as a dental missionary in third-world communities.

Awards & Affiliations

  • Dental Implants, Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, Nova Southeastern University
  • Award of Excellence, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Member, American Dental Association