Treatment of TMJ disorder

Dr. Chris Hill continues to search for cutting-edge, non-invasive techniques to address TMD/TMJ disorders for his patients. After hearing about DTR therapy, he sought out Dr. Robert Kerstein, the pioneer of DTR. Dr. Chris Hill has personally been trained by Dr. Kerstein and has been certified as an official DTR provider. Dr. Chris Hill has also received advanced training through the Hornbrook group, The Scottsdale Center, Clinical Mastery and the Las Vegas Institute.

Many of the muscles of the head and neck are associated with the TMJ. Through research and analysis, it has been determined that the way teeth come together can play a large part in how these muscles function. When teeth do not come together properly, the muscles can suffer an imbalance, which causes muscles to tighten up. This tightness can lead to headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder aches, dizziness, sore jaw muscles, and sensitive teeth among others.

Through the use of technology, Dr. Chris Hill can measure the force and balance of your bite along with the muscle activity of the jaw joints. Once the bite data has been gathered, Dr. Chris Hill can then determine if you are a candidate for DTR therapy.

With the DTR protocol, Dr. Chris Hill can determine where the imbalances are and make the necessary adjustments to those imbalances. As your bite becomes more balanced over a series of visits the muscles begin to relax and the symptoms begin to subside. It is not uncommon for patients to experience a significant reduction of symptoms after the first visit.

A successful DTR patient gets relief in 1 to 3 visits without night guards, splints, soft diets, physical therapy or surgery with results lasting years. Over time, the bite may continue to change a may need minor adjustments to remain pain free.

If you are not a candidate for Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, Dr. Chris Hill will review your options for possible treatment that can relieve you of your symptoms. These options may include:

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