Khloé Kardashian Fans Call Promotion of Teeth Whitener “Fraudulent”

Celebrity endorsement of beauty products has always been a problem. In the Instagram era, it’s become even more of a problem in part because you’re not always sure who’s pushing what and how their celebrity might relate to the product they’re endorsing. That’s why the “Maybe She’s Born with It” campaign from Maybelline was so [...]

Do not Let These Limits Keep You from Getting Your New, Beautiful Smile

Many people spend years wishing for cosmetic dentistry, but cannot seem to make it happen. There are many potential obstacles that can stand in the way of you getting the beautiful smile of your dreams. Other times, people have something come up that makes them think they want a smile, but think that they do [...]

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better Than Store Bought

Everybody wants a brighter, more beautiful smile, but what’s the best way to achieve that smile? If you are looking at all the advertising you see, you might be tempted to think that nothing is better than the whiteners you can buy at the store. But the truth is that there are several reasons [...]

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