5 Reasons Smile Rejuvenation Is Best

The New Year is a festival of renewal. It’s a fresh opportunity to begin again, and as much as spring, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a sense of starting over. But the other side of the festival is recognition that another year has passed. And sometimes this can make you recognize that you might be [...]

6 Signs You’re a Candidate for Rejuvenation Dentistry

In many ways, rejuvenation dentistry is better than a facelift. You can see dramatic improvement in your facial appearance, enjoy better function of your teeth and jaws, and, of course, you’ll have a brighter, more beautiful smile. Without surgery. Many people can enjoy the benefits of rejuvenation with a Smile Makeovers St. Louis

Better Than Surgery: A Smile Makeover Can Help You Look Younger

If you are unhappy with your aged appearance, you might be considering a facelift to help rejuvenate your face. But in many ways, cosmetic dentistry is a better way to achieve a more youthful appearance. Here is why a smile makeover might be a better choice than a facelift. [...]

Want to Look Cool? Smile!

Every generation creates its own icons of cool. These style leaders demonstrate a way of talking, living, dressing, and consuming that millions if not billions of people want to emulate. But how do icons of cool create the je ne se quois that makes them so compelling? For many years, it has been assumed that [...]

Welcome to the New Year, Is It Time for a New You?

Are you looking to make 2019 the best year yet? If so, then you probably have many self-improvements in mind for the coming year, but perhaps one you have not considered is improving your smile. Getting a smile makeover can be the first step toward making many other improvements in your life, [...]

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