Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus and its resultant illness COVID-19, the American Dental Association has asked all dentists to suspend elective dental procedures. The goal is to make sure we have enough capacity to handle dental emergencies so they don’t need to go to the emergency room.  We can help you [...]

Sudden Pain and Tooth Discoloration

Let’s say that you’ve never really had problems with your teeth. You clean your teeth well. You generally make dental appointments. Then one day a tooth suddenly starts to hurt. Not only that, it might start to change color, going from the same white as your other teeth and turning a dark brown, gray, or [...]

Smoking Destroys the Immune System in Your Teeth

We know that smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your teeth. We know that smoking can increase your risk of gum disease. Since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, it makes sense that smoking also increases your risk of tooth loss. Smokers have about double the risk [...]

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