Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Meet Smile Goals in the Coming Year

Are you unhappy with your oral health or the appearance of your smile? For many people, the simple solution would be to go to the dentist to get treatment, but for many of us, the solution is not that simple. Sometimes, the obstacle is anxiety. It is hard enough to get a basic check [...]

7 Reasons to Replace Dental Amalgam

If you have metal amalgam fillings, you should consider getting them replaced with more modern filling options like composite or ceramic tooth-colored fillings. Not sure whether this is the right decision? Here are seven critical reasons why you should replace your dental amalgam fillings. They Are Unattractive Metal [...]

Musicians Can Maintain Their Performances Best with Dental Implants

St. Louis is famous for its music scene. Not only is the Blues Museum located here, there’s a whole style of music known as St. Louis blues. Blues and other music styles are more than just an occupation or hobby--they’re kind of a lifestyle, and very hard to give up. Unfortunately, for many musicians, [...]

Tracking Down the Stress That’s Causing Your Bruxism

Many Americans report that they are stressed on a daily basis. And these days, many more are reporting stress than in years past. And one of the most common symptoms of stress is bruxism. In fact, most cases of bruxism--perhaps 70%--are related to stress. Bruxism is a major threat to the health of your joints, [...]

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