Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus and its resultant illness COVID-19, the American Dental Association has asked all dentists to suspend elective dental procedures. The goal is to make sure we have enough capacity to handle dental emergencies so they don’t need to go to the emergency room.  We can help you [...]

Our Ancestors Could Probably Crack Nuts with Their Teeth–But Don’t You Do It!

It’s one of the things we tell you all the time: don’t use your teeth as tools or you’ll regret it. Using your teeth to open bottles, break ice, or crack nuts can badly damage your teeth. However, it turns out that some early human ancestors could probably crack nuts and grind seeds using their [...]

Does Your Crown Fit Right?

Placing dental crowns is a powerful restorative dentistry procedure. Crowns can take a tooth that is unattractive, cracked, badly decayed, or otherwise seriously damaged and make it healthy and functional again. When properly fitted, they can last for decades. But if a dental crown doesn’t fit right, it can [...]

Your Metal Amalgam Fillings Can Impact the Environment

If you have metal amalgam fillings, you might think they are fine. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should replace your metal amalgam fillings. Maybe you are not persuaded by arguments about their appearance or the potential health risks. But have you considered the impact of your fillings on [...]

It Is Not Just the Sugar In Soda That Is Making You Fat, It Is the Fizz

Among the most common New Year’s resolutions are getting in shape and losing weight. One way that people are trying to do that is to cut out sugar, especially in soda. Soda is an easy way to cut out sugar. It is completely unnecessary in your diet, and it is very high in sugar, with [...]

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