Modernist Orthodontist’s Building Threatened by Development

What do orthodontics and architecture have in common? We’d forgive you if you said that they both seek to achieve long-lasting structural stability, but right now in Clayton, we have a very specific intersection between the two disciplines that we’re focused on. Currently, the historic Shanley Building (just a five minute walk from our office), [...]

Do not Let These Limits Keep You from Getting Your New, Beautiful Smile

Many people spend years wishing for cosmetic dentistry, but cannot seem to make it happen. There are many potential obstacles that can stand in the way of you getting the beautiful smile of your dreams. Other times, people have something come up that makes them think they want a smile, but think that they do [...]

Invisalign the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure for Weddings. Here’s Why

When people look forward to their wedding, they want to look their best. This is potentially the most important day of our lives. It is the day when we achieve the happy ending of our personal story, the start of our own “happily ever after.” It is a day when we expect to have our [...]

Better Orthodontics Means More Adults Are Straightening Their Teeth

In the past, getting your teeth straightened was something most people did during their teens. If you did not get it done then, you just did not get it done. But now more adults are getting their teeth straightened. Orthodontists report that adults make up about 20% of orthodontic patients, compared to just 5% traditionally. [...]

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