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Another Reason to Choose Your Implant Dentist Carefully

If you are considering dental implants, their high success rate is one of the great sources of comfort. However, even a small possibility of risk from dental implants can make you nervous, so you rightly want to reduce your risk. One way to do this is to work with an experienced implant [...]

Dental Implants Are Easier to Get Than You Think

Have you lost one or more teeth? Or have you been told that you have teeth that need to be removed? If so, then you should consider your tooth replacement options. Of these options, dental implants are the best choice. They give you the best results: an attractive smile, [...]

Trade Up to Dental Implants and Enjoy the Difference

Have you lost a tooth or two or more? Maybe you have replaced those missing teeth with a denture or you are still considering your tooth replacement options. If so, we want you to understand the difference that dental implants can make over having a partial denture or even a bridge. [link [...]

Good and Bad Reasons to Travel for a Dentist

If you are going to be visiting a dentist at least every six months (as you should), it makes sense to pick a dentist who is convenient to your home and/or office. However, if you are considering special dental treatments, such as cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, or [link id='50768' [...]

The Challenges of Long Dental Bridges

If you are missing several teeth, it’s important to consider all your tooth replacement options. One of these replacement options is a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses your natural teeth to support replacement teeth. And in many cases they are a great solution. They can look very attractive and are fixed in your mouth, [...]