Sudden Pain and Tooth Discoloration

Let’s say that you’ve never really had problems with your teeth. You clean your teeth well. You generally make dental appointments. Then one day a tooth suddenly starts to hurt. Not only that, it might start to change color, going from the same white as your other teeth and turning a dark brown, gray, or [...]

Missing Teeth? Miss Out No More!

Sometimes, accidents happen. Maybe you were in a fender bender and the airbag knocked a tooth out. Perhaps you slipped, fell and lost a tooth in the process. No matter what the cause may have been, you have a gap that you didn’t have beforehand. Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and hide your [...]

Dental Implants Are Better for Your Remaining Teeth

If you have lost one or more teeth, you have several options to replace them. You can choose a removable partial denture, a fixed dental bridge, or an implant-supported restoration. Although all of these choices are good in some ways, the dental implant has one important [...]

Trade Up to Dental Implants and Enjoy the Difference

Have you lost a tooth or two or more? Maybe you have replaced those missing teeth with a denture or you are still considering your tooth replacement options. If so, we want you to understand the difference that dental implants can make over having a partial denture or even a bridge.

When Teeth Go Missing

We’ve all heard stories about George Washington’s wooden dentures. President Washington actually wore several dentures over his lifetime, but none of them were made from wood.  Bone, ivory, brass screws, lead, gold metal wire, and even human teeth comprised the sets he struggled wearing. Fortunately, advancements made since the 1700’s carry through to dentistry.  Missing teeth [...]

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