Have GERD? You Might Be Developing TMJ

We know that the body is a complex web of interrelated functions. When you have a problem with one system, it can lead to problems elsewhere. Often, we talk about this in terms of how poor oral health can negatively impact your heart, your brain, and other systems. However, sometimes it goes the other way: [...]

By |November 6th, 2019|Bruxism, TMJ|

6 Signs You’re a Candidate for Rejuvenation Dentistry

In many ways, rejuvenation dentistry is better than a facelift. You can see dramatic improvement in your facial appearance, enjoy better function of your teeth and jaws, and, of course, you’ll have a brighter, more beautiful smile. Without surgery. Many people can enjoy the benefits of rejuvenation with a Smile Makeovers St. Louis

Is Your Ear Pain an Infection or TMJ?

TMJ is sometimes called “the great imposter” because it shares so many symptoms with other conditions. That’s partly because TMJ symptoms are so numerous, diverse, and widespread that it’s hard to see them as connected with each other or with your jaw joint.One common confusion is that people with TMJ may think [...]

By |September 7th, 2017|Bruxism, Ear Pain, TMJ|

Tracking Down the Stress That’s Causing Your Bruxism

Many Americans report that they are stressed on a daily basis. And these days, many more are reporting stress than in years past. And one of the most common symptoms of stress is bruxism. In fact, most cases of bruxism--perhaps 70%--are related to stress. Bruxism is a major threat to the health of your joints, [...]

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