If you are looking for a regular dentist to perform your routine cleanings, checkups, and basic restorative dentistry, you might be tempted to pick somebody whose office is just around the corner. It’s close. It’s convenient. And any dentist can perform those procedures, right?

Yes and no. While it’s certainly true that any dentist can perform these general dentistry procedures, there are good reasons why you should prefer a cosmetic dentist even for everyday dental treatments.

St. Louis Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chris Hill takes the time to discuss a patient needs

Not All Dentists Have the Same Standards

There isn’t any clear definition about what makes a “cosmetic dentist.” It’s not a recognized specialty, so there are no course or residency requirements that distinguish a cosmetic dentist from other dentists.

However, one thing that most cosmetic dentists have in common is that they strive to deliver the best dental care available. Many dentists consider a procedure that’s “good enough” is good enough for their patients. However, cosmetic dentists have their own standards that drive them to never accept a result that is simply good enough.

Cosmetic Dentists Offer More Options

Dentists who think that “good enough” is good enough are likely to have fewer options for restorations. Why would you have another if the first one is good enough?

But cosmetic dentists are not only more concerned about the appearance of restorations, but also understand that a single restoration material doesn’t work for every situation. The most attractive restoration is necessary in the front of the mouth, but in the back you might need something that is stronger. And there are situations where you need a restoration that can work in a small space.

Cosmetic Dentists Invest in Better Tools

If you’ve achieved dentistry that’s good enough for most situations, you don’t have any incentive to invest in newer and better tools.

But if you’re constantly trying to deliver the best care possible to patients, you are constantly evaluating new technologies as they become available. You add new technologies that improve your patients’ experiences and their results. At City Smiles, Dr. Chris Hill has evaluated many advanced technologies and incorporated a select roster of the best into his practice.

Ongoing Training Improves Techniques

Along with evaluating new technology, cosmetic dentists are constantly evaluating new techniques as they become available. This means that they seek out new training regularly, not just for the purpose of fulfilling the minimum requirements to maintain their license, but to genuinely improve their approach to dentistry.

You can check out Dr. Hill’s ongoing dental education, or ask him about the recent courses he has taken in person.

More Thorough Approach to Fitting

Many dentists take a very basic approach to fitting your restorations. A piece of contact paper. Bite, bite, bite, and you’re done. Unfortunately, for many people this approach to fitting restorations is inadequate.

However, cosmetic dentists understand how important a precise fit can be. Attractive materials can be vulnerable to excessive force, so they take care in fitting each restoration to achieve the proper balance of forces. This involves a combination of technology–like the K7 and T-Scan–and training–like study at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which combines cosmetic training and bite science.

Results Will Look Beautiful

An attractive smile is an important social and professional asset. You want to preserve it, and not risk that a dentist performing a routine restorative procedure might ruin it.

Instead, you will be working with a dentist that always makes sure their results look good. Your beautiful smile can stay beautiful.

You Won’t Have to Look for a Cosmetic Dentist

You might not think that you need a cosmetic dentist right now, but over time our smiles can change. They can wear, break, and discolor. And when that happens, you might find yourself looking urgently for a cosmetic dentist.

But if you already work with a cosmetic dentist that you trust, you will never find yourself in that situation. You will always have a dentist you can trust to perform your cosmetic dentistry treatments. From a single dental implant to a smile makeover, you will know your dentist can handle it all.

If you’re looking for a dentist in St. Louis that you can trust to perform any procedure, from a basic checkup to a complete smile makeover, please call (314) 678-7876 today for an appointment at City Smiles in downtown or in Clayton, MO.