Cosmetic dentistry is a big decision. We will do our best to help you make the right decisions about your smile, but it’s best if you have someone else to give advice so you can make the right decision. In fact, we recommend three different people that you should have come to your appointments. Here’s who they are. 

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A Critical Thinker

For your first appointment, bring a critical thinker with you. This is a person who is prepared to look at all the different aspects of cosmetic dentistry and ask the hard questions. A perceptive individual, this person will see the gaps in what a dentist is telling you and be able to bring up those points by asking the right questions. They will also help you understand the true costs and benefits of cosmetic dentistry so that you can make a decision based on the true value of procedures, and not just choose the cheapest or shiniest option. 

Perhaps most importantly, your critical thinker should be someone who is suspicious by nature and can help you choose the right cosmetic dentist. Nothing will make more of a difference in your procedure than your choice of dentist, so it’s important to consider a few options and make sure you’re choosing the one that’s best for you. A critical thinker will look out for you and encourage you to go with that person. 

A Cheerleader

A cheerleader is someone who is excited about the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they help you feel good about your decision to go forward with improving your smile. 

Having a cheerleader at the first appointment can be helpful, but it’s at the second appointment where this person truly shines. They can help you choose the smile that you really want and encourage you to communicate your wants to the cosmetic dentist. Plus, the second appointment has the biggest highs and lows. This is when your teeth are prepared to receive cosmetic restorations, which can be a little involved, and can make you feel uncertain. Your cheerleader can help you keep your eyes on the final goal. 

Then, when you receive your temporary restorations, your cheerleader can help you appreciate the tremendous improvement in the appearance of your smile. And help you look forward to how much better it will be with your final restorations!

A Sharp Eye

A sharp eye is someone who can not only distinguish subtle differences in color and shape, it’s someone with a good aesthetic sense. They can help you judge not just whether your crowns or veneers match your natural teeth, but also help you decide whether they actually look good or not. Especially important: they’ll be able to spot differences between the treatment plan and the final result, something that can be more common if a dentist works with a discount, low-quality lab to make restorations. 

A sharp eye can be helpful during your second appointment when you’re working on a treatment plan, but they are critical during your try-in. This is the time to evaluate the restorations you’re getting and make a decision about whether you want them to be redone or not. 

It Takes a Team to Make a Beautiful Smile

At City Smiles, we know how important it is to have the right team to achieve your new beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Chris Hill has an artistic eye, extensive training, and masterful technique, but even he depends on an extensive team of assistants, office personnel, and, of course, a dental lab to deliver the best smile results he can achieve. But you also have important roles to play in achieving these results, and it makes sense for you to assemble your own team. 

We listed three people here, a different one for each appointment, but your team could actually be the same person each time, if they’re good at putting on different hats, or just give you the confidence to play these roles yourself. That’s still a good team. 

If you’ve assembled your team and you’re ready to get your beautiful new smile, please call (314) 678-7876 today for an appointment at City Smiles in St. Louis