If going to the dentist makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Research confirms what you already know: 75 percent of us feel some anxiety when preparing for a dental visit.  For as many as 15 percent of us, stress prohibits dental visits altogether.

TMD can cause anxiety

There is a way forward for those of us who suffer from dental anxiety.  Sedation dental care allows for rest through visits.  Sedation care is provided at a variety of levels, some so mild that you can drive yourself to and from a dental visit.  These relaxation offerings are all part of a more modern, and patient-centered approach to dentistry:

  • NuCalm – combines four organic elements to naturally encourage your mind and body into a pre-sleep state.  The elements include dietary supplements, sensory massage behind the ears, a noise canceling headset and soothing eye mask.
  • Laughing Gas – nitrous oxide provides a calming affect, allowing your mind and body to relax through care.  Once the dentist removes the nitrous oxide nose mask from your face, your mind and body return to normal in about 5 minutes.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – for those who need a medical solution to complete dental care, oral conscious sedation is often an excellent choice.  With oral conscious sedation, City Smiles Dentist, Dr. Chris Hill prescribes medication that you take in advance of your visit.  You will arrive in a state of relaxation and Dr. Hill and the City Smiles care team can administer more medication as needed, and monitor your vital signs through care.  You will need a companion to drive you to and from our office.  Dr. Hill follows up with you after care to ensure that you have rested comfortably and are able to discuss any questions you may have.
Beyond sedation dental care, we do everything we can to reduce stress at your visits.  This includes providing a tranquil office setting at both City Smiles locations in downtown St. Louis and Clayton.  We are mindful of noise in our office and we provide you, and all of our patients, with neck pillows, cozy blankets and noise-canceling headphones for use during care.  We even offer complimentary beverages and snacks like freshly baked cookies.

Complete Years of Needed Dental Treatment in a Single Dental Visit

With sedation dental care, Dr. Hill and our City Smiles care team can often complete years of needed treatment in a single visit.  While you rest comfortably, our team has an opportunity to work with great efficiency.  Many of our implant and cosmetic dental care patients choose sedation dentistry to expedite time in the dental chair, and have a more relaxed experience.

Most sedation care patients have minimal lingering effects.  When they look in the mirror, the experience just gets better.  With dental health restored and an enhanced smile appearance, City Smiles patients really do rise and shine!

City Smiles Has Answers

Modern medicine and doctors that listen to your concerns create more opportunities than ever for you to benefit from quality care.  Take the first step and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hill, and discover how much comfortable dentistry can do for your wellness.  We’re confident we can help you find the solution to better dental health! To learn more call (314) 678-7876 in downtown St. Louis or (314) 678-7876 in Clayton today.