If you are considering a facelift, you have to understand that scars are an inevitable consequence of surgery. Whenever the skin is cut, it heals, and part of the healing process is the development of scars. 

Depending on your family and genetic background, you might be more or less likely to develop bad scars. However, it’s always a gamble. You don’t know what your scars will look like until they develop, often after a year of healing.

Because of this uncertainty, plastic surgeons often like to hide facelift scars in the hairline. However, this can cause problems of its own. First, the presence of a scar can cause problems with your hair. And, second, what do you do if you don’t have hair to hide a scar?

Attractive man with gray hair shows off his well groomed look

Facelift Scars Cause Hair Problems

Scar tissue is part of the healing process. However, when the tissue heals, it doesn’t always achieve full health and function, including hair growth. You may end up with hair loss in the area of the facelift incisions. This can lead to large hairless areas and/or an irregular hairline. In some cases, it might result in a complete loss of your sideburns.

Sometimes you can manage to conceal these problems by wearing certain hairstyles. However, it doesn’t always work, and, besides, you don’t want to have your hairstyle limited by having to conceal your facelift scars. 

Treatment for this problem is similar to that for pattern baldness: hair grafts. These can be very successful, but it is an additional procedure and expense. 

Face-Lift Scars and Balding Men

But what about men who have already lost much of their hair in the areas where the scar would be concealed? There is some recent research into promising techniques for alternate incisions that would lead to less visible scarring. But these techniques are relatively new. 

In truth, most bald men who get facelifts just have to resign themselves to having visible scars. In some cases, these scars could be subtle and no problem. But for other people, scars are more likely to become highly visible.And that could be a problem. 

Smile Rejuvenation Leaves No Scars

Scars are highly unpredictable. They might be no problem in your case. But they might. Why take the risk when there’s an alternative that leaves no scars?

Smile rejuvenation can achieve many of the same effects as a facelift: tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, better defined jawline, reduced jowling, less turkey neck, etc. But because we’re not cutting your skin, there will be no scars from your smile rejuvenation procedure. 

Instead, you will experience a number of secondary benefits. You’ll have a healthier, more youthful smile. Plus, you’ll restore your youthful facial profile. This means that you’ll like like a younger version of yourself and not a distorted version, as can sometimes happen when surgeons are cutting, pulling, and stretching your skin. 

If you are looking for rejuvenation that doesn’t leave scars, we can help. Please call (314) 678-7876 today for an appointment with St. Louis cosmetic dentist Dr. Chris Hill at City Smiles.