Have you lost one or more teeth? Or have you been told that you have teeth that need to be removed? If so, then you should consider your tooth replacement options.

Of these options, dental implants are the best choice. They give you the best results: an attractive smile, secure teeth, clear speech, and the ability to eat a full range of foods.

But many people do not consider dental implants because they think it is too much of a commitment of time or money. Or maybe they think that implants are going to hurt too much.

However, there is good news: dental implants are easier to get than you think.

Dental Implants Are Easier to Get Than You Think

Dental Implants Can Be Placed at the Time of Extraction

You do not necessarily need a separate appointment to place dental implants. We can place dental implants during the same appointment as your unhealthy teeth are removed.

Since you already need to have the appointment for your extractions, that means that you do not need to make another appointment to get your dental implants, which makes them very convenient.

Get Replacement Teeth at the Same Time

In the past, getting dental implants sometimes meant that you could not actually get replacement teeth right away. You could not get crowns or dentures placed on implants right away. That meant that you had to wait months while implants healed before you could replace your teeth.

But now that is not the case. With new techniques and approaches to placing dental implants, we can often set you up with replacement teeth right away. You will never be without teeth, and you will be able to bite and chew normally within a few days. Compare this to traditional dentures where you may never be able to bite and chew normally.

One Procedure for All Your Teeth

You might also worry that you need a different procedure for each tooth you are replacing. This is not the case at all: we can replace multiple teeth with dental implants in a single appointment. With implant dentures, we can often replace all your teeth in just one procedure.

Low Discomfort

Another concern that keeps people from getting dental implants is fear that it will hurt.  But it’s actually not bad. No surgical procedure is completely without discomfort, but with dental implants, it is close.

The discomfort related to dental implants is generally less than that related to tooth extraction. Placing implants at the time of tooth extraction means that you might notice little or no discomfort related to the implants themselves. In addition, we offer sedation dentistry for maximum comfort during and after your procedure.

Less Expensive Than You Think

People assume dental implants are too expensive. That’s not true. Implants used to be very expensive, but as technology has improved, the procedure has come down in price.

And, thanks to improvements in financing options, it’s easy to help implants fit into your budget. There are many options that can help you finance dental implants with no interest or with low monthly payments.

Learn How Easy Implants Can Be

If you are considering dental implants in St. Louis, do not assume they are out of reach for you. Instead, talk to an implant dentist and learn how easy they can be. For an appointment at City Smiles, please call our downtown St. Louis office at (314) 678-7876 or our Clayton office at (314) 678-7876 today.