One of the big trends of the year is an upsurge in men seeking to “masculinize” their face with procedures offered by plastic surgeons. While this is most dramatic in the UK right now, there are signs that it is going to jump the pond and become a major trend here in the US. 

A man with a chiseled jaw wearing a checkered shirts and red apron sits in front of his clay in a workshop, learning how to sculpt. Just like he create beautiful artwork, St. Louis Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chris Hill is able to sculpt a better jaw with cosmetic dentistry.

But before you talk to a surgeon about your options, you should consider seeing a cosmetic dentist, who will have better approaches to improving the appearance of your jaw.

The “Love Island Effect”

In releasing its 2019 report, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) noted the growing trend for men seeking masculinization of their faces through cosmetic techniques. The BAAPS even mentioned Love Island by name because the reality TV show has gripped the country with its young couples looking for love in a hyper-sexualized context. 

The TV show puts men and women’s faces on display, encouraging people to compare themselves with the hand-picked cast of attractive youths. Combine this with the growing importance of selfie culture for men and women, and you can see why people might be concerned if their selfie snaps don’t look masculine or feminine enough. 

Plus, the problem of jaw development is real in modern culture. Underdeveloped jaws is an endemic problem around the world, and it’s an especially important consideration for men. Having a strong chin and jawline is critical to having a face that is both attractive and masculine. 

As a result, men are looking to sculpt their chins and jawline seeking a combination of procedures, such as injectable fillers, liposuction, and even chin implants. 

Is This “A Thing” in the US?

It’s hard to say how much men in the US are doing this procedure or are considering it. Certainly, we know that some of these procedures are very popular among men. While men only get 13% of all plastic surgery procedures (and get 45% fewer procedures than they did in 2000), they account for 58% of all chin augmentations. And chin augmentations have grown, increasing 10% in the last year, and 5% overall since 2000. 

In addition, facial fillers are one of the top five procedures used by men. And what type of filler do they use most disproportionate? Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers. These fillers have hard spheres calcium hydroxyapatite, and they are often recommended (off-label) for augmentation in bony areas such as the chin, jawline, and cheekbones. 

Based on these results, it seems that this is something men are seeking out procedures to supplement their chins and jawlines more than women and more than in the past. 

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Options Are Better

If you are considering seeking out this type of procedure to improve your appearance, you should consider cosmetic dentistry rather than surgery. 

Just as with our nonsurgical facelift procedure, you can get better definition of your chin and jawline without surgery. The less invasive procedure requires no downtime, and it won’t leave you with surgical scars. 

In addition, cosmetic dentistry is more likely to give you results that look natural. We’ve all seen stars with bulbous, bee-stung lips from overfilled injections. That doesn’t happen with dentistry. We work with the face’s underlying support structure, and alter it to create the desired effect, and the facial tissues naturally respond–you won’t have the same type of facial swelling you can get with injectables. 

Plus, cosmetic dentistry lets you address a smile that might look too old or might not look masculine enough. You can alter your smile to get more masculine features like larger incisors, more pronounced canines, or square-shaped teeth. And you can rejuvenate your teeth so they look brighter and less worn. 

Perhaps most importantly, dentistry lasts a long time. Building up your teeth with restorations can give results that generally last at least ten years, whereas facial fillers typically last less than a year. 

Reshaping your face with neuromuscular orthodontics is an especially good choice. This procedure goes beyond straightening teeth to stimulate development of your upper and lower jaws. This not only creates a more attractive appearance with a better-developed chin and jawline, it can improve your bite and expand your airway for better breathing. And these results can last a lifetime if you wear your retainer and follow other instructions. 

Learn More about Facial Improvement at City Smiles

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