Happy Valentine’s Day! The day when everyone’s thoughts turn to romance. While most people associate Valentine’s Day with young love, the truth is that people of all ages need love, and as we are living longer and experiencing more breakups and divorces, more and more people are developing budding relationships later in life. Or, at least, they are trying to.

A letter to “Dear Abby” published last week shows one of the greater perils that people face when trying to kindle romance in their silver years and beyond. The man in this case had lost all his upper teeth, then he lost his upper denture. In addition, his remaining natural teeth were in poor health. The woman writing felt she could not continue in this relationship because of his poor oral health.

For many of us, our teeth are suffering from years of use and, potentially, neglect. And unhealthy teeth can make it impossible for people to develop quality relationships later in life. Fortunately, there are options that can help you improve your prospects for love–and your quality of life.

Older Gentlemen having his female love taste homemade spaghetti sauce in a modern kitchen

Quality, Comfortable Dentures

Dentures are the most common tooth replacement option, but it would be an overstatement to call them “popular.” In fact, many people feel, like this man probably felt, that dentures are a dubious benefit over having no teeth. That is because the way many dentures are made, they can be uncomfortable and ineffective. Dentures are supposed to help you eat, but for many people, eating with dentures is just painful. So they take them out for eating. In fact, these dentures may be so uncomfortable that people just take them out after a while. Which is why these dentures are likely to get lost.

The problem is that traditional dentures are made with an unscientific process that is been passed down with few changes since the earliest days of denture manufacture, hundreds of years ago.  The process is largely trial-and-error, with an emphasis on error for most dentists without a lot of experience making dentures.

However, there is a modern denture process that utilizes a scientific approach to create dentures that are more comfortable and more functional. This is the Denture Fountain of Youth®, also called FOY ® Dentures. The scientific approach to making these dentures creates consistent results that are also more comfortable and more functional. Plus, they are made of the best cosmetic dentistry materials available, helping them to look like naturally beautiful teeth.

In addition, these dentures can be combined with dental implants so that they are fully secured in your mouth and they function just like natural teeth.

And the unequalled fit of these dentures also helps you look younger by restoring your youthful facial proportions.

Do It for Love, Do It for Life

If you are looking for love this Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year for that matter, your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. It is the first thing people notice about you, and the last thing they will forget. An attractive smile makes you look approachable, and a healthy smile makes you look kissable.

But you should also take care of tooth problems to help protect your quality of life. Unhealthy teeth do not just make you self-conscious, they can hurt and make it harder for you to enjoy your favorite foods. And poor oral health can contribute to many serious health risks like heart disease and dementia.

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