There is no reason to be ashamed of dental anxiety. The truth is that most people (some studies say as much as 80%) feel some degree of anxiety when they go to the dentist. Dental phobia is the second most common phobia, after fear of spiders. In all honesty, this is partly dentists’ fault. The way most dentists practice do little to calm people’s fears.

However, just as some dentists are part of the problem, some dentists can be part of the solution to your dental anxiety. Your choice of dentist can make a huge difference in the level of your anxiety. Here is how choosing the best dentist in St. Louis can reduce your anxiety.

7 Ways a Dentist Can Calm Your Fears

Your Dentist Will Take Time with You

One of the problems with modern dentistry is that it is so rushed. You may spend time sitting in the waiting room, but when it is your turn, you are rushed back into the operatory where the hygienist barely introduces themselves before they begin working in your mouth. The dentist himself will then rush in, poke in your mouth, and then bring out the needles or drills. There is a rush to get you up and out of the chair so someone else can fill it, and the pace ramps up your anxiety.

But if you choose the right dentist, they will take the time to let you feel comfortable. Each stage of the process can take place at a pace that you’re comfortable with. You’ll be surprised at how much this takes the edge off your anxiety.

Your Dentist Will Get to Know You

But it is not just the pace of modern dentistry that contributes to your anxiety, it is the fact that you really do not know these people. Having relative strangers work so close to you that they are literally inside you is bound to make you anxious.

But not all dentists are like that. Some dentists will actually get to know you. And you will get to know them. This will also help put you at ease so you feel more comfortable at the dentist.

Your Dentist Will Communicate

Uncertainty always leads to anxiety. When you do not know what a dentist is doing or why, you are bound to feel more nervous when they start to work. For some dentists, there is not enough time to go into a full explanation of what they are going to do and why. And if you have questions, well, there is a handout or the Internet to handle that.

But if you take time to choose the best dentist, you will find that they do take the time communicate with you. They offer clear explanations and answer all your questions to help put you at ease.

You Will Have Confidence in Your Dentist’s Abilities

For many people, anxiety is a symptom of distrust. It is partly a symptom of not knowing your dentist and them not communicating. But it might also be caused by not trusting their skills to do what they need to do.

However, if you take time to choose the best dentist, by looking at their credentials and previous reviews, you will have more confidence in their ability. This will help you to feel relaxed every time you sit down in the dentist’s chair. You trust them to do their job the way it should be done.

They Will Offer You Amenities

Discomfort and boredom contribute to anxiety. The more time you spend focused on thinking about what can go wrong, the worse your anxiety will be. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable and welcome, you will be less anxious. In addition, if there are things like music or movies to distract you from what is going on, you can find that you feel much less anxiety.

NuCalm Can Disarm Your Anxiety

Not everyone’s anxiety is related to these kinds of issues. Some people can know and trust their dentist, who is generous of their time and communicative, but they are still going to feel anxiety. They need help overcoming their anxiety.

But they are not necessarily eager to start getting drugged to go to the dentist. That is best saved for when it is truly necessary. But a dentist who truly cares and has access to the latest developments in dentistry will have access to NuCalm, an amazing neuroscience tool to control your anxiety. NuCalm utilizes your body’s natural relaxation mechanisms to put you in a state that is near sleep, similar to deep meditation. It is 95% effective, helping you to feel relaxed despite the anxiety-inducing stresses of the dentist office.

Sedation Can Help with Severe Anxiety

Finally, when all else fails, your dentist can offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses chemical means to help you overcome your dental anxiety so you can feel relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. At City Smiles, we offer our St. Louis dental patients two different types of sedation: nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. That way, we can match each patient with the sedation that best matches their needs.

Are You Looking for an Anxiety-Free Dental Office in St. Louis?

If you have dental anxiety and are looking for an office that can help you overcome your anxiety, City Smiles might be perfect for you. Our dentist, Dr. Chris Hill, practices all the methods above to help you overcome your anxiety and have a comfortable dental experience.

To learn whether we are the best dental office for you, please call (314) 678-7876 (Downtown St. Louis) or (314) 678-7876 (Clayton) for an appointment today.