The New Year is a festival of renewal. It’s a fresh opportunity to begin again, and as much as spring, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a sense of starting over.

But the other side of the festival is recognition that another year has passed. And sometimes this can make you recognize that you might be starting to show your age. It’s funny, because you probably still feel young and think of yourself as young. Just when you look in the mirror, that’s not how you look. Then you might wonder what’s the best way to turn back the clock on your appearance so you can look as young as you feel.

Before you start thinking of plastic surgery, maybe you should consider cosmetic dentistry. A nonsurgical facelift can be a better way to rejuvenate your appearance than plastic surgery. Here’s why.

3 cosmetic dental patients of Dr. Chris Hill, located in St. Louis having a new rejuvenated smile

No Surgery Required

If you’re looking at a facelift, you should consider closely that the surgery can have some serious drawbacks. The surgery is invasive, which means that it causes significant damage to your face and body. Thanks to the face’s numerous nerves, many people report that facelift surgery is the most painful they’ve experienced.

This can lead to extensive bruising and swelling, which can cause you to hide away during recovery. And since the surgery is invasive, the recovery can be long: at least two weeks. It can be even longer until you’re ready to get back to your normal routine: four weeks or more. And that’s if you don’t experience serious complications, which can come along with facelift surgery.

Rejuvenating your appearance with a smile makeover doesn’t require surgery. There’s no downtime, discomfort is relatively minor, and recovery is rapid.

Another side effect of facelift surgery is scars. Whenever the skin is cut, it will develop scars. Surgeons try to hide the incisions in inconspicuous places, and with the scalpel and the doctor’s technique, the scarring may be minimal. However, the scars will still be there, and for some people they can be quite significant.

For a smile makeover, there is no risk of scarring. Dental restorations don’t cause scars.

Faster Results

Facelift surgery has a long recovery time, but it’s even longer before your final results will be visible. As swelling and bruising from surgery decreases over time, the results can become visible, but they may not be final until as much as a year after surgery. That’s because your body has to finish healing.

But when you rejuvenate your smile, you can see results much faster. Teeth whitening can rejuvenate your appearance, and it can give instant results: in one hour, your teeth can be much brighter, and you can continue to whiten them over time if you want them whiter than that. Veneers and other restorations can be placed in under a month. And even replacing teeth with dental implants takes six months or less to full healing and final results.

Look Like Yourself

With a surgical facelift, there is a very serious risk of having your appearance distorted. A facelift works by cutting away skin and other tissue from your face and stretching what’s left to make it tight. The problem is: that’s not extra skin. That’s tissue that’s been part of your face since you were younger. The result can make you look like someone else, rather than making you look like a younger version of yourself.

But when we do a nonsurgical facelift, we are just restoring your teeth to replace the tooth and bone structure that your body has removed. We’re restoring your natural proportions, which helps you look as you did when you were younger.

Can Improve Your Health

A facelift surgery start with injury to your face. At best, you heal back up to your current health. In terms of your health, you’re not going to see any improvement, and you could see a significant worsening.

But with a nonsurgical facelift, you might very well see an improvement in your health. Damaged, decayed, and missing teeth are all unhealthy. And they can contribute to overall poor health, increasing the risk of conditions like heart disease, stroke, dementia, and more. When we address oral health problems as part of your smile makeover, you’ll enjoy better overall health.

Long-Lasting Results

Another question to consider is how long you will enjoy the results of the two procedures. With a facelift, you can expect about five years or so. In this study, about three-quarters of facelift patients enjoyed their results 5.5 years after surgery.

But you can enjoy the results of cosmetic dentistry much longer. With veneers, about 94% last 10 years, and 83% last 20 years, according to clinical studies.

And if your smile rejuvenation is using dental implants, the likely lifespan of dental implants is 20 years and more, with some lasting over 50 years!

Renew Your Smile This Year

If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your appearance this year, there’s no better place to start than with your smile. You don’t need surgery, you’ll enjoy rapid results, and you’ll look like yourself, only younger. Plus, you can improve your health and enjoy the results for decades to come.

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