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Neuromuscular Orthotic

A neuromuscular orthotic can be used in the initial phases of treatment for TMJ disorder. The orthotic is a fully anatomical appliance that is typically placed over the lower teeth that allows the patient’s jaw to rest in a more muscularly stable position. This new position is measured through the use of advanced technology that allows Dr. Chris Hill to have an accurate idea of how the muscles are going to respond to treatment.

Over a period of several months, as the jaw muscles begin to heal, Dr. Chris Hill will adjust the orthotic to fine-tune the bite into an optimum position where the muscles are more comfortable and relaxed. When the jaw muscles are balanced, other muscles of the head and neck begin to balance. This allows muscle tension to decrease which can cause many of the symptoms caused by TMD, to disappear.

Once the bite and the muscles have been stable for a period of time, Dr. Chris Hill will discuss options that can be utilized for a more permanent solution.