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Tracking Down the Stress That’s Causing Your Bruxism

Tracking Down the Stress That’s Causing Your Bruxism

Many Americans report that they are stressed on a daily basis. And these days, many more are reporting stress than in years past. And one of the most common symptoms of stress is bruxism. In fact, most cases of bruxism--perhaps 70%--are related to stress.

Bruxism is a major threat to the health of your joints, bones, and teeth. If left untreated bruxism can lead to the development of TMJ, and it may cause significant damage to your teeth, requiring restorative dentistry.

5 Headache Causes…#5 Will Surprise You

Nothing nags like a headache. Sometimes referred to as “brain pain of the highest magnitude,” 9 out of 10 people will experience a headache this year. And nearly 50 million people will push through their days dealing with chronic headache pain. Physicians report headaches as the number one medical complaint, and they run millions of dollars of tests in search of causes.