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Welcome to City Smiles! As you visit our website, we hope you will experience the true differences of being a City Smiles patient. Our office is unlike all other dental offices. We are completely focused on customized patient care and we hope this shows in every element of our practice.

At City Smiles, we offer advanced signature dental services in a setting that is centered around the patient experience. Whether you need general dental care, sedation dentistry and dental implants. City Smiles offers the comprehensive services you need in a setting designed to make you feel relaxed and confident in the care you are receiving from our friendly team that has been trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in dentistry. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Dr. Chris Hill, City Smiles


Dr. Hill has been designing smiles and changing lives for over 15 years. Dr. Hill has received advanced training from some of the most renowned institutes in dentistry across the nation. He is an elite dentist that has taken his advanced training and made it accessible to patients by prioritizing listening, communication, customer service and genuine, customized patient care.

Dr. Hill has extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry, facial cosmetics, smile makeovers, management of TMJ pain relief, dental implants and sleep apnea.


City Smiles – Dental Services, St. Louis, MO

City Smiles offers a complete range of dental services to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Whether you need a comprehensive smile makeover or your regular checkup, all of our treatments are performed with precision and an unwavering attention to detail.

Patient Testimonials


“I came to City Smiles concerned about the wear on my teeth and also because I had neglected my dental health. Dr. Hill and team fixed all the problems with cavities, crowns, etc and got my mouth healthy again. Dr. Hill discussed with me the ability to treat the wear on my teeth by changing my bite. He explained that the wear was caused by my teeth not fitting together right. Before receiving treatment with City Smiles, I had horrible head, neck and shoulder pain frequently. I thought this was something I simply had to live with. My treatment with Dr. Hill began with an appliance fitted to my lower teeth while they changed my bite. Once they fixed my symptoms, they then re-did my whole smile. I now not only have almost zero pain, I have a smile that is better than I could have predicted.”
~John S.
“After moving to Saint Louis from a different city, I tried three different dentists before finding Dr. Hill. Not only was I able to schedule a last minute emergency visit because of a broken front tooth (he saw me and fixed it the next morning!), the tooth looked better than ever. I recently had veneers put on my ten front teeth, and they look amazing – nobody would know they weren’t my real teeth. Dr. Hill’s cosmetic skill is complemented by the nicest staff I have ever met. Everyone works to make sure that you have a comfortable experience; it almost feels like you are visiting family. I highly recommend City Smiles!”
~Stella J.
“Dr. Hill, Derrick and the rest of the Team are an awesome group of people! I trusted them every step of the way. That was because their actions were so professional, but caring and supportive at the same time. They were so consistent in their beautiful and kind behavior, each and every time I went into that office. I “Thank them all” for holding my hands on this Journey. They even allowed me to share some personal information with them. They were “SO” compassionate and made me feel really important, and that I actually mattered to them!”
~Geri N.

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